How to lose 5 kg in a week

A week is a real deadline to lose five extra pounds on average, the result of which will be obvious to others. Just follow some simple rules and, if you wish and have no contraindications, follow a fast diet.

slimming products in one week for 5 days

Every woman has many reasons to lose weight quickly: spring is here, holidays are approaching, a significant event is coming. Simple tips will help you realize your plan:

  • do not have dinner three hours before bedtime, eat in small portions and only when you are hungry;
  • do not use semi-finished products, snacks, fried foods, sweets;
  • control weight and count calories;
  • drink 2 liters of water per day;
  • do breathing exercises;
  • make physical activity regular.

Lose weight in a week by following diets

How to lose 5 kg in a week while avoiding exhausting hunger is a completely doable task. There is not much time, sports activities, changes in daily routine and breathing exercises will not have time to show the result. But strict adherence to a certain diet will help. Many different programs have been developed, so everyone can choose a diet that suits their preferences and abilities.

After deciding on a weekly diet, choose:

  1. A comfortable diet for you, including familiar foods. Avoid diets that are too lean and monotonous, they can harm your health.
  2. A meal plan that does not require drastic changes in the usual way of life. It is very important not to overestimate the capabilities of your willpower.
  3. Really achievable goal (it is impossible to lose 20 kg in 7 days). The pounds lost quickly often "pile up" again just as quickly.
  4. An effective plan that allows you to lose five kilograms in a week and maintain the achieved result. Take additional weight loss measures in the future.

Losing 5kg weight? Use mono diets!

Lose weight using a product. The method is specific and psychologically difficult. Not everyone will be able to eat monotonously for 7 days, even if they treat food like a drug: unpleasant, but necessary.

The Kefir diet is considered tough, suitable for strong-willed women who want to lose a pound a day. It involves the daily use of one and a half liters of kefir plus up to 400g of low-calorie foods to choose from: baked potatoes, cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast, fruit. The sixth day - only kefir and water.

An impressive weight loss is given by the use of steamed buckwheat. A glass of washed cereal is poured with boiling water overnight. There are no restrictions on the amount of porridge intake, but it is recommended to divide the use into 6 times a day, do not eat before bedtime. Allowed for a week low-fat kefir (up to one liter per day) or green apples (three pieces).

Low calorie diets

We lose weight by reducing the calories in food. The body takes energy from internal "reserves", so the excess starts to burn. These are called starvation diets. Basic principles of low calorie diets:

  • the norm of the dish is 200 g (woman) and 300 g (man), six meals a day;
  • the total calorie content of foods eaten per day: for a woman - 1. 300 kcal, for a man - 1. 700 kcal;
  • make sure you take one and a half to two liters of water daily.

Protein diet

Proteins, prevalent in the diet, affect chemical processes, accelerate metabolism. The positive feedback was gleaned from the nutrition plan below. It is recommended to follow the proposed order of food intake, drink plenty of water, exclude dinner. Vegetables can be seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil, meat (fish) can be boiled or steamed. Salt, sugar, alcohol are prohibited.

  1. Breakfast: 50 g of fish, lettuce, a glass of kefir. Lunch: egg, 90 g of chicken fillet, rye bread.
  2. Breakfast: 80 g of veal, celery, 1 boiled carrot and 1 potato, green tea. Lunch: 120g each of low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, oatmeal (steamed with water), 5 dates.
  3. Breakfast: a glass of chicken broth, 50 g of chicken breast, 3 loaves of bread. Lunch: 50 g of veal, rye bread, spinach, apple, orange.
  4. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, a glass of kefir, tomatoes. Lunch: rice, a glass of fresh citrus fruits, 100 g of cottage cheese, plums, orange, kiwi.
  5. Breakfast: 60 g of beef, eggs, cucumber, pepper. Lunch: chicken breast, two potatoes, grapefruit, apple, 50 g of dried fruit.
  6. Breakfast: half a glass of chicken broth, 50 g of fish, rye bread, green tea, a spoonful of honey. Lunch: rice, tomato, yogurt, kiwi, banana.
  7. Breakfast: buckwheat, 60g of chicken breast, bell pepper, dried fruit, green tea. Lunch: lentils, 100g of beef, yogurt, 30g of almonds.

When drawing up a program, nutritional rules are taken into account, calorie content is calculated. A fast diet is contraindicated in cases of gastritis, diabetes, ulcers, kidney and liver problems. It can cause allergies, depression, loss of energy, adversely affect the condition of the skin and hair. It is not possible to use this method for pregnant women and adolescents.

When losing weight, it is necessary to take fruits and vegetables, a large amount of water. Salt is minimized, alcohol and carbonated water are excluded. Desserts are replaced with dried fruit.

It is difficult to lose 5 kg urgently, but it is possible with certain strong-willed effort and dedication. Choose a program that you can follow yourself, don't forget exercise, eat right after you quit the diet.